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Some Effective Remedies Embarked By Rat Control Atlanta Services

It is a matter of grave concern if rats are entering your home or loitering in your living area. Any issues emerging with rats in your surroundings needs to be dealt with on an urgent basis. Rats in the external environment including gardens could pose considerable risk as pets or kids use them. It is therefore important that the rat menace is nipped in the bud before it makes an entry to your home.

Types of Rats

Roof rats and Norway rats are two common rat types found in US. If you are aware of their habits it is going to help you inspect and have a tab on their population. Rat control Atlanta services would be an ideal resort at this point of time.

Norway rates are sleek and smaller in size than the roof rats. The latter are known to have a long tail and big ears. The roof cats are bestowed with a pointed nose and are excellent climbers. Exterior vegetation, inhabit attics along with upper stories can be reached with ease by them. Norway rats set base on the lower rung areas of a building or a house.

Steps Adopted by Rat Control Services

To start off the process, sanitation, inspection followed by exclusion.

·       The first step to get rid of rats is inspection. Once the location of the rats are identified you can set a bait or trap.

·      The second technique of rat control is exclusion. It does make it difficult for a rat to foray into the structure or home. It is easy to control the rats in comparison to mice as they are larger. For an opening as low as 3.8 “a mice can enter. All openings which are greater than 1.4” needs to be sealed for a mice. In case of rats openings greater than 1.2” is to be sealed.

·        Rats are conscious of new objects or changes in the environment. Being suspicious in nature they are always observing changes in the surroundings. For this specific reason baits or traps could be avoided for a day or two. They are known to approach new food or object with a sense of caution. In a colony of rats there are some who are extra cautious and keep avoiding the traps or baits for a longer period of time.

Home Remedies as Suggested by Rat Control Service to Get Rid of the Rats

Moth Balls

A remedial measure which repels the rats. Easily available in the market they tend to keep the rats away. Just place them in your cupboard and they are a foregone conclusion.

Note: Do not place it in your home as human beings cannot bear the smell of it. Also make it a point that you do not touch it with bare hands

Peppermint Oil

In order to drive away the rats, peppermint oil works wonders as they cannot tolerate the smell. In this oil just dip in a few cotton balls and place those in the rat infested area. For sure satisfactory results will emerge. Castor oil could be used as an alternative.

Owl’s Feather

The feather of owls is going to scare away the rats. Try to place them inside the holes where the intruders have set base. If owls feather is difficult to find you can look for plastic snakes that does help to get rid of rats in your premises.

To conclude the best course of action as suggested by Rat control Atlanta is to incorporate your own trap. This does help to get rid of the rats in a fast manner. Try a humane trap and place bait in it to attract the rat. Cheese along with peanut butter are the favourite items of rat. Once the rat tries too much on this they will fall into the trap. Once it is here you can release them in a far off place so that traces of it never emerge in the coming days.

If still the above courses of action does not yield fruitful results, it is suggested to get avail the services of professional Rat control Atlanta companies. Does a research before you go on to choose one?

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